Autumn Offender – Ted Kraimer


While the name of this trout streamer pattern suggests it’s only effective in the fall, it catches fish all year -round and not just here in northern Michigan. While imitating nothing in particular, it suggests a number of common food sources including sculpins, creek chubs, and juvenile trout  – staples to most trout’s diet.

This easy to tie fly incorporates colors and materials which often work when proven patterns in the fly box aren’t — making it a go-to pattern when fishing is tough. The long rabbit strip combined with the marabou and cone-head provides nice movement on the pause after a strip. With a bit of flash and a number of natural colors also incorporated, this pattern has just enough attention-getting characteristics and “bling” when the water is stained. But since the colors are relatively muted, it fishes well in clear water, too – which is often the water’s condition come fall.

Autumn Offender – Brown TroutFish the Autumn Offender on a sink-tip or floating line depending on the water and time of year,  and strip it back with a rod twitch and a pause. This streamer pattern has also caught steelhead when swung with a two handed rod and heavy sink-tip.

Hook: Gamakatsu S11-4L2H #4
Thread: Uni 6/0 – Camel
Tail: Rabbit Strip – Black Barred Sand Variant or Brown Barred Tan
Weight: Large Cone – Copper
Body: Krystal Hackle – Olive Brown, Large & UV Polar Chenille Rusty Copper
Wing: Marabou Blood Quill – Golden Brown & Yellow
Over Wing: Flashabou – Kelly Green and Holographic Copper
Collar: Mallard Dyed Wood Duck Flank feather
Head: Ice Dub – Golden Brown


Head over to Ted’s guiding website Current Works to see the full step-by-step on how to tie this pattern.

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