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After four years of unsatisfactory attempts at refining and tweaking a hot melt glue process application worthy of introduction to the fly tying community, HMG Fly Systems is pleased to present a superior fly tying material that competes with and, in some but not all cases, replaces epoxy and ultraviolet (UV) cured fly tying components.

HMG Fly Systems has developed many patterns using hot melt glue as a component.  In some patterns it is the total material for a completed fly.  We have also developed several patterns that are threadless — not a single wrap of thread in the entire fly. See HMG patterns at

Unlike epoxy and UV cure materials, hot melt glue exhibits many advantages and has superior qualities.  The applications of hot melt glue are infinite and limited only by the fly tier’s degree of creativity.  The following list shows some of the many advantages of hot melt glue over epoxy and UV cured materials:

• No need for UV lights or turning/drying motors.
• Available in a variety of colors.
• Like paint, colors can be blended to obtain a desired color.
• It cures in seconds without a sticky residue.
• It can be shaped and segmented.
• It can be repaired.
• Eliminates weaving materials.
• Colors are mixed and faded during the tying process.
• Can be colored with permanent markers.
• Reduces tying time, in some cases as much at 50%.
• Hot melt glue is extremely durable.
• Can be used to make on-the-stream wader repairs.
• The big one — it is very inexpensive when compared to epoxy and UV cured products.

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  1. How much does the HMG system cost?