Bernard’s Green Bomber



My grandfather taught me how to fish for bass and bluegill at the age of ten. I fished with him for years before he passed away and I lost my fishing guide, so to speak. It would be more than a decade later before I regained my love for fishing with my sons. Grandpa was not a fly fisherman, but he made his own lures. He was one heck of a handyman, so it came naturally to him. I’m lucky enough to have several of his homemade lures, so I wanted to try and recreate these into flies.

Here is a photo of Grandpa’s lure. It’s articulated by having a connection in the middle. So I had to go with a big articulated streamer for this one. I plan to use this for bass. I’ve included a photo below of the fly in the water. It doesn’t really give it justice, because when the fly is in the water it has fantastic action!




Here’s to you Grandpa!


Back Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger size 2
Olive Marabou
Pearl Krystal Flash
Pearl Olive Estaz
Olive Schlappen feather palmered
Olive grizzy rabbit strip

Front Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger size 1
Back: Olive Marabou
Pearl Olive Estaz
Olive Schlappen feather palmered
Collar: Olive Marabou
Olive Senyo Laser Dub
3d Holographic eyes – red

Use your favorite wire to make the connection. I used Senyo’s Intruder Wire here. You can use Beadalon too. Then a couple of beads to keep the wire together.


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  1. Jack Rhoden

    Thank you PJ you just put a BIG smile on your Grandpa face,I can see it now.