Bird’s Nest

Awhile back I was hunting for information about how to tie the Bird’s Nest. It was the first time I had watched a Tightline Productions video and it was top notch. There are many more at Tightline’s Vimeo channel, so be sure to check’em out!

In this video, one of my favorite fly tyers, Matt Grobert, ties Cal Bird’s Bird’s Nest. This is a nymph pattern developed by Cal Bird back in 1959. Cal owned a small fly shop in the San Francisco area back in the 40s and 50s. The Bird’s Nest was originally designed to be fished on the Truckee River. Cal actually didn’t name the fly after himself, he named it after he got his line tangled in a bird’s nest while fishing on the Truckee.

Kick back and enjoy…



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2 Responses to Bird’s Nest

  1. Sure appreciate the video for the Bird’s Nest. Simple, but, very effective pattern to have in your box.