Senyo’s Intruder Wire

Senyo Intruder Wire package

A new product on the fly tying market manufactured by Hareline Dubbin is Senyo’s Intruder Wire. Greg Senyo helped bring the product to market, hence the name. It comes in a standard size which is best for hooks 6 and larger and thin size that works best for 6 and smaller. Even though this is made to be wire for trailing hooks on Intruder style flies, it is great to use for articulated streamers. Most fly tyers have been using a product called Beadalon, but Senyo’s wire comes in 8 different colors to match the color of your streamer. I’ve already used it while tying and I like the flexibility and small diameter of the wire. The thread is able to grip the wire casing well too. I’ll definitely be switching to this as the bond between my streamer hooks. I was very happy to see the chartreuse color because I have a green articulated streamer that I tie a lot called Bernard’s Green Bomber, named after my grandpa. Below you can see how Senyo’s wire looks tied onto the hook shank.

Senyo wire connection

I went ahead and quickly connected some blue Senyo’s wire to a Daiichi 2557 size 1 Intruder/Trailer hook so you could see what the wire was actually made for. The wire is stiff enough to hold the hook in place and doubled over the breaking strength is said to be 50lbs. The color will really make those steelhead flies pop! This is just one of the cool new products out this year from Hareline Dubbin. I’ll be reviewing more in the near future.

Senyo wire trailer

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