Flies Around The Net – 8-7-2013

Yes, it’s time for another Flies Around The Net, where I show you some of the best flies I’ve found while cruising the Web. There are some great ones this month, so hold on to your hat!

Drake-Muddy-Val Kropiwnicki

This wonderful piece of art is tied by Val Kropiwnicki. This fly is his mixture of a drake and a Muddler Minnow. If you want to see more of Val’s work, check out his website.


This is Pat Cohen’s Carpantula. Yes, you guessed it, a carp fly! This is a new color Pat is making available. Order flies from Pat at his website, Super Fly.


This is the famous Catskill dry fly, the Quill Gordon. This one is tied by John Bonasera who is a very skilled Catskill fly tyer and a friend. The Quill Gordon was created by Theodore Gordon, hence its name.


This is a drone fly tied by realistic fly tyer Fred Hannie. Fred has been on FrankenFly before. Just click on “Realistic” in the left hand categories.

stonefly-Córdoba Sergio

Here is another amazing realistic pattern by Córdoba Sergio.


What do you think of this mouse by a Finnish fly tyer known as Rolsen?


Meet Smaug! A carp fly by Jeff. The fly is articulated with two hooks, but the back one is cut off. Jeff designed this to move across the bottom with the tail floating up. He’s caught many carp on this fly.


You don’t see many flies designed for walleye and I thought this was a nice looking fly. Tied by Kevin Kirkelie.


A classic streamer called The Long Dog designed and tied by Lloyd Lutes.


Grass Shrimp tied by John Welch. Very cool fly! John is a Pro Tyer over at On the Vise.

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