Grandpa’s Chickenhawk by Paul J. Beel

This is me tying Grandpa’s Chickenhawk. This is a pattern I designed to be a minnow type pattern. It has great action for a single hook streamer and it performs excellent when attracting smallmouth and largemouth bass. I have not fished it for trout as of yet. This is my go-to streamer for smallmouth bass. The chartreuse is my favorite, but I also tie this in a brown/gold too. (see below photo)
This is my first attempt at fly tying videos, so I hope you like it.


Grandpa's Chickenhawk

Grandpa’s Chickenhawk


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2 Responses to Grandpa’s Chickenhawk by Paul J. Beel

  1. Ethan Shetler

    Great streamer and video! I will be trying this one out tonight.