Hammer Creek Super-Ball

This is a really cool nymph pattern from Hammer Creek Fly Fishing called the Hammer Creek Super-Ball. I love the look of this pattern, so it makes me want to ask for nymph skin for Christmas this year.

Hook: 8-14 GC2457 Scud
Body: Virtual Nymph – Nymph Skin
Rib: Small Pink Wire
Collar: STS Trilobal Dub Fl Pink
Thread: 6/0 Pink


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2 Responses to Hammer Creek Super-Ball

  1. I recommend you take a peek at the “Pattern” page on the HMG Fly Systems web site at http://www.hmgflysystems.com. Total new concept! If you feel it worthy, I would appreciate your help getting this information to the public.

    HMG Fly Systems