Bucket Mouth League


When I first started fly fishing I remember attending a fly show and noticing right away the lack of support for largemouth bass. As you probably know or have read my post a couple months ago about fly fishing for largemouths, when most fly fishers mention bass, smallmouth are immediately assumed to be the topic.

So I’m hoping we can change all of that! This is what the Bucket Mouth League is all about. This league is for those who have a love for the species with a big ol’ purdy mouth! So just how are we going to do this? Well, for starters, any time you post a photo of a largemouth bass that you caught on a fly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…then use the hashtag #bucketmouthleague. You can also be tying a fly for largemouth, then by all means use the hashtag.

What is the Bucket Mouth League? The definition of league in the dictionary reads like this.

“a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose.”

In this case, our purpose is to promote fly fishing and fly tying for largemouth bass.

How do you become a member of the Bucket Mouth League? Simple…if you love fly fishing for largemouth bass, you’re automatically a member.

I had my designer, Eryck Webb, draw a new logo to represent this league, as you can see above. I will be ordering decals with this logo today and will have them available in the FrankenFly online store as soon as possible, with a price that won’t break the bank, so you can display your pride. Yet another tool to help us promote this love of ours.

I have in the works a contest to post your photos of largemouth caught on the fly, but I’m still working out the details.

So don’t waste any time, start posting those photos and I’ll be sure to post them on FrankenFly. Spread the word about the Bucket Mouth League and maybe, just maybe…the next time you catch a beautiful bucket mouth on the fly, yell out (or say under your breath), Bucket Mouth League, yeah!


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  1. Jack

    an embroidered patch would be nice too!! 😀

  2. Lloyd saager

    I’m all in. I want to fish other species, but my first love will always be the bucket mouth.

  3. Brian Wileman

    I am in! Love the logo. I will definitely buy to so my support. I am a bass tournament guy that has just started fly fishing. At the moment I am trying to figure a way to us some of the articulated fly during a tourney when I don’t have the room for the fly rod.

    • Paul Beel

      Awesome Brian!
      Actually, a lot of the articulated flies should be heavy enough to throw on a spinning rod or even a baitcaster, especially when wet. Some that you might look for are ones with lead dumbbell eyes which really add to the weight of the fly. Take a look at my Bearded Wonder in the FrankenFly store for example. It has a jigging type of motion in the water and largemmouth love it! I hope this helps.


  4. Johnnie Newland

    Brian, I’ve had pretty decent luck throwing larger flies on a spinner rod. I us my 7’6″ med action Croix with a casting bobber and a 4′ leader. I’ve found if I get the leader much longer than that, that the fly and the float want to cartwheel.

    • Brian Wileman

      Thanks Johnnie. I have a 7’2″ drop shot rod that I was thinking of using. Swimbaits have been king on Guntersville lately and I thought the articulated flies would give them something different that might make them fire on the ledges. I need to get the fly down 15-20 feet.

      • Johnnie Newland

        At that depth, you’d for sure need some lead dumbbell eyes and maybe even some lead wrap on the lead hook shank. Would be for sure something that pressured bass have never seen before!

  5. Johnnie Newland

    Love the logo Paul! I’m thinking that on the back of a black long sleeve t and your logo on the front(small chest logo) would bad a..!

  6. Ryan Moriearty

    Great to see! I actually got into the sport of fly fishing 3 years ago strictly for large mouth bass on Lake of the Ozarks ( yep, I’m the one crazy bastard on my bass boat hucking gnarly flies for bucket mouths. I’ll definitely be sporting a few Bucket Mouth League stickers.

  7. Yes! I’m in. Keep your cute little troutsies. Give me a fish that leaves a hole where the deerhair was floating big enough to make a New Jersey pothole proud. And now, stickers too. Sweet.

  8. There are thousands of us already in the “Bucketmouth League”…


    I’m sharing this over there.

  9. Brad Carter

    Broke my personal best bucket on the fly just a few weeks ago!! Love the idea of more people getting behind buckets on the fly. They have been my most sought after game fish this summer.

  10. Steve Root

    I’ve been chasing Largemouth with a fly rod ever since I first read Dave Whitlock’s articles back in the early 80’s. It’s what I like to do best!

  11. Kevin

    Logo is awesome! And I was thinking the same thing as Johnnie…a nice looking shirt would ROCK!
    First fish on a fly was a a bucket mouth way back when I was 10 or so. I like catching anything with fins, but for me it’s still all about that bass!

  12. Todd A.Schotts

    AWESOME IDEA AND LOGO!! You know I am in for sure.

  13. Marty Horn

    The wife and I are pumped about this! We don’t do facebook or any others mentioned. IS there a way we can send a good photo direct to you?
    Thanks, Marty

    • Paul Beel

      Of course Marty!
      Send it to paul.beel (AT) gmail.com

      I didn’t want to put the full email because spammers like to use it. But put it all together and add the @ sign and you will have it. Make sense?


  14. Marty Horn

    Got it Paul!
    Thanks, Marty

  15. Tony

    Love this idea and definitely in!!! Funny was just thinking this the other day and saw the link on TFM. Have spent the majority of my summer chasing LMB on local farm ponds and haven’t been bored yet. Count me in on whatever swag you put together in the shop!!

    • Paul Beel

      Thanks Tony, I’m glad to hear that!
      The decals should be in any day. I know they shipped, just waiting for them to arrive.

      Thanks again,

  16. That looks like a great decal for the kayak.

  17. Preston

    I’m really into LMB fly fishing! Really want a decal when they are ready…

    • Paul Beel

      Thanks Preston. I’ll be sure to post as soon as I have them available. Should be any time.


  18. Schad MArtin

    How about a hat with a patch on it and or a sweatshirt???

  19. Schad Martin

    Sweet….. look forward to seeing the decal as well as whatever else you come up with.

  20. Big Largemouth Bass LOVE flies! 🙂 Nothing like proudly displaying your chewed up “Bass Thumb” at the end of a day of flyfishing!

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