Apex Flies by Ilias Fn Karanzas


My name is Ilias, I’m a fly tier in sweden tying under the name Apex Flies. I’ve been flyfishing and flytying for almost 15 years, but I started making my poppers just 2 years ago. As my eyesight got bad and I started mowing towards bigger and bigger flies. I later got glasses, but at that time I was already stuck in the swamp of making giant flies for giant fish. A lot of the big fly tiers say they only make flies for pike or perch, but I make predator flies. If its got big teeth and a bad attitude, my poppers and streamers will do the deed. And they have caught everything from pike in northern Sweden to world record breaking dog tooth tuna in Sudan. I love making the poppers as airbrushing them requires some skill and you get to use your artistic side a bit and popper fishing is some of the most fun fishing a person can have. I’m new in the game but people seem to like my stuff and they are turning heads, and that’s great. I put a lot of love into each and every fly, because as a fisherman you gotta love what’s at the end of your leader:)







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5 Responses to Apex Flies by Ilias Fn Karanzas

  1. This guy looks just like Jack Black.

  2. How can I buy your poppers?

  3. Ben Cook

    Do you sell your creations in the US?

    • Ilias karanzas

      Yes just contact me through Facebook or on My site ApexFlies.com and ill help you out!