Headcase Crayfish – Rich Strolis

This is one of Rich’s latest patterns. He worked hard on this pattern and put it through its paces. I’ve seen many posts on his Facebook page mentioning that he was working with this fly. In this video he shows how to tie his new crayfish style pattern and the information Rich posted with the video follows. I think it’s a very attractive pattern. Enjoy!

Here is my latest articulated streamer that I concocted to represent an adult crayfish. The fly comes in at around 3-3-1/2 inches and is what I would call a moderately weighted pattern that can be fished in a multitude of ways and with a floating or sinking line. So far she has racked up several species including northern pike, brown and rainbow trout, small and large mouth bass and even striped bass in the salt. Seconds for a great juvenile lobster pattern. Currently I tie it in the crayfish orange, olive/blue and tan colors but feel free to experiment.

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