Lady Gaga Steelhead Stinger – Martyn White

Detailed instructions for a steelhead stinger in the lady gaga colour scheme by Martyn White.
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Materials List:
Waddington shank
Intruder wire
Thread: black
Butt: Ice dub UV hot pink
Tail: Hot pink yarn or floss
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Rear, copper flat braid; front, blue spectra flash dubbing
Body hackle: Hot pink Schlappen
Wing 1: Fucshia pink sparkle hair
Wing 2: Pink polar fox
Wing 3: Kingfisher blue Polar fox
Wing 4: Turquoise angel hair
Wing 5: Fiery brown sparkle hair
Front hackle: Blue guinea fowl
Over wing: Black polar fox
Cheeks: Jungle cock or synthetic jungle cock


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2 Responses to Lady Gaga Steelhead Stinger – Martyn White

  1. Martyn White

    Hey, Martyn here.
    Thanks for sharing the video, good to see the videos getting out there.
    I’m just looking at rearranging my tying desk to improve the filming situation so the videos should be getting better.
    All the best

    • Paul Beel

      Sounds good Martyn, I’m looking forward to more videos from you.
      Thanks for the comment! Keep up the good tying!