Olive-Gray Duster – Ray Tucker


Ray Tucker recently tied up some interesting wet flies he calls Olive-Gray Dusters. They are a type of Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle Nymph. See below for the materials list and more information from Ray.

Materials list:
Hook – Mustad 3906 Heavy Wet Fly Hook/Size 8 and 10 (debarb/optional)
Body – UNI-Yarn (Insect Green)
Tag/Rib – Ultra Wire (Gold/Small)
Thread – 8/0 UNI-Thread (Camel)
Tail/Dorsal Strip/Wing Case – Pheasant Tail Fibers (Natural)
Hackle – Hungarian Partridge (Natural)
Thorax – Ostrich Herl from a Feather duster (Natural Gray/Dun)
Head – Double 3-turn whip finish using the tying thread

Materials are listed in the order they are tyed onto the hook. Quite a few materials, but once you get the hang of tying them, they go fairly quickly.

These could easily be tyed in a range of colors, by switching out the yarn and/or the herl color. Give them a try. Hopefully they are as fun to fish, as they are to tie. 😀

Note on hook choice: I chose the Mustad 3906 because it is a nice heavy nymph hook. The 3906B would also be a good choice, if you want a longer bodied nymph. When designing how the fly behaves in the water, I want to be able to fish this fly deeply for steelhead. I wanted a durable hook which would sink quickly (thus the narrow body profile). If I was clever, I’d find a way to underweight the thorax area with the ribbing wire, but when I tried it had ended up with a little more bulk than I wanted. I’m sure I can figure something out. I just need to play around more with a few ideas. All part of the fun.



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  1. Spencer Vanderhoof


    Nice looking fly! I just wanted to chime in and say hello. You were a friend of an old friend of mine, Mark Libertone. He spoke of some of your flies and held them in high regard.

    Thanks for sharing!