Hendricksons for Pennsylvania creeks

To my delight, Thom Livingston at Yellow Breeches Outfitters in Pennsylvania has sent me the flies he will use for the first major mayfly hatch of the year on the limestone spring creeks, the Hendricksons. This includess the Dark Hendrickson Palmered Variant; The Light Hendrickson Palmered Variant; and a sequence of photos showing some quick steps during the tying process of the pattern.

Here is a brief paragraph to tell you a little more about Thom.

“I am a contract tyer for Orvis and Holly Flies. I started flyfishing in the late sixties on the Pennsylvania spring creeks, most notably the Yellow Breeches where I caught my first trout at the age of ten in 1954. I guess that would be called the dark ages! I’ve been tying flies now commercially since 1979. Mostly to local clients. Since starting working part time in local Orvis Shops I have been supplying the shops with local patterns. At the Yellow Breeches Outfitters I do the casting instruction, flyfishing class instruction, and the tying classes. At my demos I tie a lot of cdc patterns and the palmered variant patterns I am sending you.”

Recipe for Hendrickson (includes light and dark)

Hook:  Mustad 84031 # 12/14  Gamakatsu R10-B  # 12 (better hook up)
Thread:  Danville waxed 6/0 Tan for Lt Hendrickson /Brown for Dark
Tail:  Guard hairs from a ground hog- 2-3
Palmer Hackle:  Ginger
Abdomen:  Urine stained fox for Light / Mahogany Turkey Biot for Dark Tri-Hackle
(wings/legs):  1 Grizzly & 1 Dark Dun Rooster Hackle; 1 Very Dark Dun Saddle Hackle The barbs should be twice as long as the hook gap is wide.
Light Hendrickson - 1

Light Hendrickson – 1

Light Hendrickson - 2

Light Hendrickson – 2

Light Hendrickson - 3

Light Hendrickson – 3

Light Hendrickson - 4

Light Hendrickson – 4

Light Hendrickson - 5

Light Hendrickson – 5


Dark Hendrickson

Dark Hendrickson

different version of Light Hendrickson

different version of Light Hendrickson


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