The Fripple – Curtis Fry

I’ve seen some searches pop up about The Fripple by Curtis and I’ve seen some questions about it. So I dug up the video on how Curtis ties the original. He has recently made some improvements and has released Fripple 2.0. I’ve included that below with a brand new video from Curtis about how to tie Fripple 2.0! Be sure to visit Curtis and Clark Pierce at FlyFishFood for all of their fly tying goodness!


Curtis says, “Fripple 2.0. So if you’ve seen the previous version of the fripple, this is a fairly decent upgrade, but it continues the whole cripples are tasty and easy theory. Tied on the Daiichi 1160, this style allows the butt to hang in the water to taunt the trout, while the wings and thorax float it nicely. Clear Cure Goo Hydro makes the body slice into the water with no tail to impede it.”


Recipe for Fripple 2.0

Hook: Daiichi 1160 #16 – #20
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 denier brown/olive (hotspot: fire orange)
Body: Rainy’s Stretchflex 1/8″ Olive
Ribbing: Silver UTC Wire, SM
Under-wing: Rainy’s Evazote Foam, Olive
Wings: Dun Medallion Sheeting
Wing-post: Snowshoe hare toe fur
Thorax: Baetis dubbing


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2 Responses to The Fripple – Curtis Fry

  1. I saw this posted earlier today on Facebook and had to keep going back to look at it. Great looking fly. I’m sure either would do the trick but I sure love Fripple #2.