New flies by Rich Strolis

Rich is on his way to ending the year with a bang! Rich explains some of his new offerings.

These flies are just a spin off of Brad Bohen’s Hangtime minnow, articulated of course.  They come in at roughly a foot long and utilize reverse tied buck tail, a technique popularized by the Bob Popovics.  Very durable, and swim like you’ve never seen.  Colors are endless as you can tell.  I’ve gotten the pike bug lately, and I have been playing with some 1/2 and 1/2 patterns using icelandic sheep in the rear of the flies as it swims and breaths like crazy (more on those in the weeks to come).



Expect to see some similar patterns that will fit into the trout category utilizing these materials and techniques shortly.  I also have a new spin off of the crayfish, called the head case crab mostly due in part to a long conversation with Tim Flagler at Tightline Productions.  And lastly, the Juggernaut is officially released as well.  All of these are available in the newly updated fly store

If anyone has some customizations in regards to colors or what have you, there is a new contact section on the store where they can do so.




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  1. Rich does some amazing flies and is truly on top of his craft.