Parachute Blue Wing Olive

Great looking Blue Wing Olive by the gang at The Catch and The Hatch. It is a good idea to always have some Blue Wing Olives in your box because the hatches happen often. Check this one out.

Materials List:

Hook Type: Tiemco 100
Hook Size: #14-26
Hackle: Brown Hen Hackle and Grizzly Hackle to Match Hook Size
Tailing Fibers: Hens Hackle Fibers/ Mayfly Tailing Fibers
Thread Type: 8/0 Uni Thread or 70 Denier
Thread Color: Gray, Olive, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red, Pale Yellow, Brown Etc.
Wing: Mcflylon in White, Black, or Pink
Dubbing: Superfine – Match to Thread


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2 Responses to Parachute Blue Wing Olive

  1. One of my favorite local tiers! I love BWOs because they are so prolific in Colorado. Thanks Paul!