R.A.B. – Allan Fish

Allan hails from Greenwood, Indiana which is not too far from me. He is good friends with renown fly tyer and bamboo rod builder Tony Spezio. From what Allan tells me, this is a good one to have in your fly box. Here is Allan’s definition of the fly.

This was THE fly on the Madison in Montana this Summer.  Unfortunately, it was THE fly for everyone else in the group but me. I was tying it every night because they all wanted several.  But I couldn’t catch a derned thing on it, although I did get busted off on big ones a couple of times.

It’s a Red Brassie with Z-lon™ shuck.  One of the guys in the group called it a name that wasn’t very nice, so I just used the abbreviations in the title.

Red Brassie with Z-Lon Shuck Pattern:
Hook:  TMC 2487 (or equiv.) Size 16-18 (this one’s an 18)
Thread:  8/0 Black
Bead:  3/32″
Ultrawire – Small, red.
Z-Lon – small tuft over the bead
Peacock collar.

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