Articulated Fish-Spine – first flies

So fly tyers are starting to get their hands on the new Flymen Fishing Articulated Fish-Spine. Here are some of the first flies coming out of tyer’s vises.


Marcelo Morales tied this rainbow trout.


John Collins tied this striped version using a sculpin helmet.


John Collins then went with the Fish Skull. He’s calling this one the “Read End” Rabbit since it has a hook riding in the tail.


Philippe Rossolin tied this baby peacock bass using Enrico Puglisi products and Congo Hair.


This one came from Casters Fly Shop. You can see the segmentation.


Casey Ryan put this one together. He used CCT body fur to create the body and yellow streamer hackle for the tail to imitate the yellow tail of the threadfin shad.


Mark DeFrank used Hareline Ice Dub & Glo Bug Yarn to create this look. This would make an excellent goby imitation.


Mike Schmidt tied this little guy as soon as he got his hands on the new spines.


Dougie Loughridge tied this big pike fly and it didn’t scare this brave little pike!

It will be interesting to see what will be created with these new Fish-Spines in the future. There are a lot of possibilities with this new product and tyers are just now starting to tap into them. There should be some stunning new flies coming within the next year!


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3 Responses to Articulated Fish-Spine – first flies

  1. I am not sure we can call articulated flies flies, or streamers etc flies. They are not really flies. Bugs and their different stages of life are flies.

    • Paul Beel

      I agree with what you’re saying. But I think a lot of fly fishers use the term “flies” to encompass everything from streamers and nymphs to dry flies. I think it has become a general term. I’m not sure if there is one word that better describes everything we use on the end of our fly lines?

  2. jacques laboile

    you could call them articulated minnows I suppose since they do represent some kind of small fish form .in the early days a fly was just an imitation of an insect ,these days with new material showing up all the time and fly tiers talents going rampant who knows what we will see in the future.
    personly I think it’s fantastic.