Articulated Fish-Spine – Flymen Fishing Company


Dougie Loughridge got my attention when he posted this one. Inspired by Blane Chocklett’s Gamechanger, this is a Pike size version. Flymen Fishing Company articulated shanks in 20mm and 35mm, Partridge of Redditch universal predator X 4/0 and Funky Fly Tying funky fiber.

What is the Gamechanger you ask? Well, it’s a fly designed by Blane Chocklett using the Flymen articulated shanks. It gives the fly awesome movement and terrific action. Watch the video below and you will see what I’m talking about.

This is using the articulated shank but flies using multiple articulated shanks are chained together and called an Articulated Fish-Spine. To understand this better, visit this page on the Flymen Fishing Company website.


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