Schultzy’s Fate Fish



Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters tied his summer time off colored water baitfish pattern he calls Schultzy’s Fate Fish. His detailed instructions follow.

Rear Hook: Daiichi 2546 Size 4 or 2
Front Hook: Daiichi 2546 Size 1 or 1/0
Eyes: Small Pseudo Eyes, Real Eyes or iBallz, I hate lead… It BREAKS!
Connection: 30- 45lb American Fishing Wire or Rio Bite Wire DON’T use the CHEAP Stuff.
Beads: Small Round, The ones we stock at SO.
Tail 1: Small clump of Buck Tail to prevent fouling as well as adding to the life of the fly if the feathers break off.
Tail 2: 4 Saddle Hackles, Multiple colors are always nice.
Rear Body: 2 Wrapped marabou feathers, preferably shorter than the ones used on the front to give the fly a tapered look. White first then color of choice.
Rear Flash: Flashabou, Mirror Krinkle Flash or New Age Holo Flash from ORVIS
Connection Cover: Flash
Front Body: 1 White Wrapped Marabou Feather, followed by a large piece of Schlappen wrapped for bulk.
Optional Rattle: Tie in on top at this point and glue, Glass or plastic 3MM.
Front Body continued: Wrapped Marabou followed by another wrapped Marabou in a contrasting color.
Front Flash: Tied in around the Marabou
Throat: Red Ice Dub (NOTE: NOT IN FLY PICTURE)
Head: Long magnum rabbit trimmed off leather and spun in a dubbing loop. Figure 8 around the eyes.

TIPS: Fish on a Rio Outbound Short Floating Intermediate with a 4-5ft hand made leader. I use 25lb 18″ to 20lb 18″ to 16lb or 12lb 18″ SIMPLE.

Tie sparse! Don’t over do the Marabou and disrupt the “Swim” of the fly.

Fish down and across, cast into slack water and swim the fly sweeping it through the seam then out into the current. A Strip Pause retrieve is best this time of year.

DON’T go too HEAVY with the weight, If large eyes are used the fly won’t “Swim”. It will JIG which will catch fish but IMO not as many.

Proven color combos…
ALL White “Ghost Minnow” with red throat & plenty of FLASH
Chartreuse & White
Gray & White
Olive & White
Black & White
Use different hues throughout the fly to create multiple “targets” for predator fish. Multi colored flies will out fish solid colored patterns.

Good luck!

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