Fat Albert

This fly has become a popular pattern especially when fish are concentrating on terrestrials. Here is a good description of this fly given by Charlie Craven. Follow the link at the bottom if you are interested in viewing the step-by-step tied by Charlie. The pattern itself was designed by Brent Taylor.

“The Fat Albert comes from the vise of Brent Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas. This big fat bug came to me recently in a fly swap and it really caught my eye. I have been hearing of this pattern for a few seasons now; used as the dry in a dry/dropper rig. From the looks and construction of this fly, I can tell you the thing is gonna float like no tomorrow. There are about 9 millimeters worth of closed cell foam stacked on this fly, which makes for that magic proportion of a whole lota foam and a little bit of hook. The overall profile of the Fat Albert could imitate a hopper, stonefly adult or cicada with equal aplomb. Try this fly with black and tan foam or even orange and black for a couple different combinations sure to catch the fishes eye. It seems that Mr. Taylor was also a guide in Chile for a time, which falls right into place with this flies general characteristic of an enormous terrestrial.”




Materials Needed:

Hook: TMC 5262, 2302 or 5263 #4-10
Thread: 140 Denier Rusty Brown
Body: 1/8 Foam, Tan and Brown
Indicator: Brightly colored McFlyFoam
Legs: Round Rubber Legs

Link to step-by-step by Charlie Craven


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6 Responses to Fat Albert

  1. Great fly that would float through a tornado!

  2. Brent Taylor

    We’re in Chile right now and catching fish with the fat albert! Glad to see people enjoying the fly and tying them up. Salud!!!!!

    Brent and Jen Taylor

  3. chuck callejon

    Freaking unbelievable fly, just fished with Brent last week, and the takes on this fly were smashing to say the least. He gave me one to take home too.

    Thanks Brent!