Mysis Shrimp – Marc Procopio

Marc Procopio of has sent me another nice pattern with this one being his Mysis Shrimp.



Hook – Daichi 2151 #10
Thread – Fl. Fire Orange 6/0 Danvilles Fly master
Tail/Abdomen – Pearl Core Braid
Wing Case – Ice braid in various colors (Cream,Shrip pink, Fl. Hot Pink. Fl. Orange)
Thorax – UV Pearl Ice Dub in a dubbing loop
Eyes – Small Mono Nymph eyes (Black)
Antenna – 4 strands of Polar or White DNA Halo Fusion (2 pearl & 2 white Fibers)
1) The total Fly Lenghth is 7/8″ Long.
2) Keep the dubbing for the thorax sparse so the thread underbody shows through.
3) Tie them with several diffrent wing case colors.
4) Use a lighter to heat the end of the Pearl Core Braid and do your best to create a wedge by pressing it between your thumb and index finger. You can use your scissors to trim any excess….
5) Coat the eyes with Super glue or UV Glue for durability

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  1. Thomas Rohde

    Can I buy these from you?
    Can you tie the body with orange as well?.