Lady Caroline Spey Salmon fly

This is a nice video on how to tie a Lady Caroline Spey fly.


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  1. Tony

    Great video! Astounding quality and I LOVE the music!

    What kind of feather are you using for the main hackle? It looks almost like rhea to me, whatever it is, it works very well on the fly.

    Few things to consider for anyone wanting to tie this fly as traditionally as possible. The hackle shouldn’t start until about half way down the shank of the fly, but it does look equally good started at the tail as this video demonstrates. One of the oval tinsels is usually counter-wrapped as well, but to be honest I think it looks much nicer if tied as in the video. Also, a throat of some kind of water fowl (I think teal is traditionally used) usually follows the red GP breast feather.

    Mind you all of this is simply tradition and as this video demonstrates, by no means necessary. That’s one of the prettiest Lady Carolines I’ve ever seen!