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Fox CrawProfessional fly tyer and guide Michael Decoteau is originally from Maine, but now resides in Ohio.  His fly tying business, RedSpotFly, is mainly focused on hairwing Atlantic salmon flies, streamers for steelhead, and presentation streamers. He designs patterns for the seasons that will be shared on the Steelhead Alley Tying Blog that will not likely be offered through RedSpotFly, but rather provide tyers with new patterns to add to their own boxes. For example, the carp fly that is pictured here called a Fox Craw.

Michael is busy finishing up guide season on Steelhead Alley, but by mid-December he will be hard at work at the vise again. He mentioned that he will be tying up some Rangeley style featherwings and some swinging flies for steelhead at that time.

He is preparing to teach some classes this winter in Michigan and Maine. Two full day courses at Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop in Maine, one day on freshwater streamers and one day on flies for Steelhead Alley. You can check out the details at the Eldredge Brothers website. This will be followed by Bar Flies, an evening of tying put together by Schultz Outfitters in Michigan.

Be sure to visit RedSpotFly’s facebook page frequently to look at all of Michael’s other beautiful flies.



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2 Responses to Michael Decoteau – RedSpotFly

  1. Hello Red-Spot-Fly,
    Great stuff Mike!!!

  2. Tracy Gosselin

    I bet that Fox Craw would be a great smallie-getter!
    Good one, Mike!