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Carpin Crunch

Thread: UTC 210
Hook: 3X Long Streamer #8
Eyes: Spirit River Real Eyes 5/32” or small Painted Lead Eyes
Tail: Olive Wooly Bugger Marabou
Legs: Silicone Micro Mini Legs, Orange or Olive
Body: Peacock Simi Seal or Dazzle Dubbing

Fred Telleen mentions, “I prefer sticking with the Olive/Peacock color scheme for the tail and body. When fish are in the clear, I like an all olive fly. If they are mudding and the water is stirred up, I will use Orange legs and FL. Orange or FL. Green thread. While providing some movement, the legs become outriggers to help the fly remain hook up, as it rests on the bottom. They also slow the flies decent on a drop. Let it set a foot or so in front of a fish. Then give it a bump so it puffs some silt. You’ll soon be in your backing.”

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Striper Dragon – Joe Calcavecchia

A new fly tying video from Joe Calcavecchia.  Watch as Joe Calcavecchia demonstrates how to tie the Striper Dragon. A great fly for big fish!


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NEW Fish-Skull® Senyo’s Micro Shank™

Senyo's-Micro-Shank-flies-on-quarterNew Micro Shanks from Flymen Fishing Company! Details below.

Tie scaled-down articulated flies with lifelike movement.

Co-designed by Greg Senyo

Greg Senyo is a prominent steelhead and salmon expert who has designed many leading fly tying materials.

Senyo’s Micro Shank is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Senyo’s Articulated Shank, and is a simple, versatile solution for tying a variety of small, articulated flies such as petite trout wet flies, low-water steelhead flies, sparse streamer designs, and small traditional salmon flies. The wire diameter is small enough to directly attach to hooks as small as size #10.

The ultralight, slim, and strong shank also offers a new option for tying surface flies and brings a high degree of realistic, articulated movement to small fly design.


Spey fishing for Trout
Swinging flies for trout on one-handed or lightweight two-hander fly rods has been rapidly gaining in popularity, and for good reason – it’s super fun!

Sometimes referred to as the “Single-Hand Spey Revolution,” anglers are now adapting proven, traditional spey fishing tactics and fly designs to target trout in ways similar to swinging flies for salmon and steelhead.

Low-water steelhead fishing
In recent years, anglers targeting steelhead have had to adapt their fly designs to match the increasing low-water conditions in fisheries worldwide.

A lighter shank for designing and tying smaller, sparse flies is incredibly useful in these situations.

European fly designs
Anglers across Europe, particularly in the Nordic countries and the Baltic region, are creating unique and innovative small fly designs to target Atlantic salmon, sea trout, and brown trout. Senyo’s Micro Shank enables the tying of these of these smaller, less bulky patterns.

Other uses
Panfish, warmwater, and saltwater applications are still present, and this lightweight shank with an up-eye is compatible with all current shank models as an add on.


Quick and easy to tie
Senyo’s Shank is designed to be able to be held straight in any fly tying vise, avoiding the need to tie the fly at strange angles.

This allows you to easily attach a free-swinging stinger hook or do a direct hook-to-shank connection using the rear loop.

Loop-up eye
Keeping with traditional salmon and steelhead flies.

Thin wire
The Micro Shank uses thinner, lighter wire, enabling articulation of the fly without adding weight, which is a key factor in small, featherweight fly design.

This provides your flies with a more realistic action, while maintaining profile and the suspended, slow sink rates ideal for these styles of fishing.

Small rear loop

Allows you to attach hooks directly onto the shank.

Stainless steel
For saltwater use



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CF Baitfish

Niklas Dahlin produced this fly tying video with Andreas Andersson tying his signature CF Baitfish. A fly that can be tied large but still light weighted and with great movement in the water, A fly that has caught a bunch of different species around the world.

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Adult Dragonfly by Ruben Martin

Hook: TMC 5263 o similar
Thread: UNI 8/0 o UTC 70
Head: closed cell foam and lastic bead chain eyes.
abdomen: closed cell foam and plastic seet (plastic soda bootle) torax: Hareline Senyo dubbing
legs: terrestrial legs o plastic bristles
Wing: 4 rooster neck feathers, grizzly o variant
back: closed cell foam.

Ruben notes, “Dragonflies or adult dragonflies are an obsession for many anglers fishing environments where hatchings of these insects are really abundant and can witness what this generates in fish … often mere imitations, low realism, are enough to deceive a couple of trout if we succeed with the size and color. However it is sometimes necessary to achieve realism in imitation for trout decide to take our fly, as I always say, realism, if not sacrifice any vital aspect of our imitation is never an aspect that remains … always sum. This model has spent years fooling trout during the hot months in the beautiful lakes in the north where you can do a fantastic fishing on the coasts with large reedbeds Patagonia.”

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Gummy Minnow – In The Riffle

In The Riffle’s information on this video includes the following.
“The Gummy Minnow is a super realistic baitfish pattern that works very well for minnow eating ocean species. The Gummy Minnow can be tied on several different color variations, such as Brown, Olive, Blue and Pearl. The Gummy Minnow is simple, in that it is only made of 2 materials (Crystal Skin and Eyes). But the Gummy Minnow in not necessarily easy to tie. The Crystal Skin or “Sili Skin” can be very difficult to work with. It is super sticky and clings to anything. Once you get the hang of this fly and get used to working with Crystal Skin, you can begin to crank them out!”

Gummy Minnow Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/0 – #06 Tiemco 811S
Thread: White 100 Denier Veevus GSP
Body: Pearlescent Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Back: Moss Green Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Overcoat: Clear Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Eyes: Super Pearl 3/16″ Stick On Eyes
Glue: Loon Hard Head

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