Cheap Date

This is another very cool fly tying video from Fly Shop of the Bighorns. These guys are really knocking these videos out of the park. Love it!


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Tasty Bug Tying Series, brought to you by Fly Shop of the Bighorns located in Sheridan, WY. This first season is all about streamers, the bigger the better!

In this Episode, Matt Huckeba ties the “Cheap Date”.

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Featuring Matt Huckeba in Caesar’s Chair
Filmed and edited by Zach Andres
Music licensed from Audioblocks

“Cheap Date” recipe:

Hook: Partridge #1/0 Universal Predator X
Thread: Veevus GSP 100 denier

-UV Polar Flash
-Senyo’s EP Chromatic Brush 1.5″
-Articulated Fish Spine Shank
-Finn Raccoon
-Deer Spinning Hair

-40lb Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament

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