Spring and FrankenFly!

So spring is finally here! During the show season this year, I heard a lot of positive feedback about people visiting the website and that’s awesome! Besides tying a lot over the winter and hitting shows, I’ve been working on blending some new dubbing and it’s going very well. Right now, the plan is to come out with 3 types of dubbing. There will be a general purpose, nymph, and monster dub. The monster dub will be a longer streamer type dubbing. You will be hearing more about all of those very soon.

Mama's Cornbread

Mama’s Cornbread

Recently, Orvis has picked up another one of my fly patterns. This time it is Mama’s Cornbread. This is a smallmouth fly pattern that I designed to fish deep. I plan to be posting a step-by-step of the pattern soon. It will be available from Orvis in 2017. You can find it in the FrankenFly online store, here.

Bart-O Minnows

Bart-O Minnows

I just finished a large order of 300 Bart-O Minnows that are headed to Wisconsin and have designed a fly for another shop up that way. This little 1.5 inch streamer will work in small creeks, but it still needs a lot of testing.

Mad River Outfitters hat and Simms Jacket

Mad River Outfitters hat and Simms Jacket

Mad River Outfitters has sent me a new Simms jacket. This will be a dream to wear on the stream. The water just beads off of this jacket. Check out the photo of the water I poured on it.

Simms jacket with water added.

Simms jacket with water added.

I hit the water for the first time this year. Did some creek fishing and some small pond fishing for panfish. It was nice to just get out and cast and be outside again.
Finally, since spring is finally here, I picked up a new kayak. It is a Perception Sound 10.5. I have been working on outfitting it and will be heading to some local waters. It should be a blast! I already tied up an articulated Zudbubbler to throw out to some Bucket Mouths. It sure is nice when Spring rolls around. I don’t know about you, but it gets me all pumped up and ready to fish!



Articulated Zudbubbler


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4 Responses to Spring and FrankenFly!

  1. Good to see you getting out and catching some fish.
    Mama’s Cornbread looks like a keeper. Looking forward to the step by step.

  2. Monster dub. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see those blends.