PFS Pink Caddis Larva – Doug Korn


This is a neat little nymph tied by Doug Korn. It is also know as a Glossossoma Larva. The material list is from Doug below. Doug mixes his own dubbing, so you can substitute his pink dubbing with something close to what you see here. If you want to mix your own dubbing then check out this link where Doug explains how he does it. Give it a go!

Materials list:

hook: #16 scud
bead: 5/64″ gold (1x undersized)
thread: 8/0 pink
abdomen: light pink DK#30 dubbing
rib: pearl midge krystal flash
hackle: gray partridge
collar: Hareline HD4 dubbing

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  1. Doug Korn has done a great job with this fly Most of our western waters require a #18 or sometimes a #20. However, the Glossosoma is always in the drift.