Sneaky Pete Deer Hair Diver – Steve Potter


Steve recently tied a deer hair diver he decided to call the Sneaky Pete Deer Hair Diver. A buddy was out fishing him using a Sneaky Pete balsa wood bass bug, so Steve spun up a deer hair version and it worked pretty good on his next outing.


Hook: Daiichi 2464 2/0, Gama SC15 2/0 Mustad 3366 size 6
Thread: GSP
Tail: Whiting American saddle hackle with centipede rubber legs and crystal flash
Body: flash chenille
Head: Stacked or spun deer hair
Eyes: Doll eyes glued with goop
Weed guard: 20# or 25# hard Mason line



I fished the bug with intermediate line the first day and got a lot of hits after a 6” strip and the bug floating back to the surface. I was fishing the weed lines and rip-rap next to shore from a float tube.

The next day I used dry line on my Sage Largemouth Rod  off a bass boat and got more action because there was more tidal current and we covered way more area. With the floating line the bug dove erratically while on the top.


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