HMG Shrimp

HMG Shrimp

HMG Shrimp


Hook: Mustad 34007, size 4 thru 1
Thread: UNI 6/0
Antennae: Rubber legs material & crystall flash
Lead: 0.30
Underbody: chenille
Hackle: hen neck & CDC
Shellback: craft foam
Horn: mono 80 pound
Eyes: bead & hot melt glue
Shell: hot melt glue
Glue: hot melt glue

Thread wrap hook shank from eye to bend

Tie in antennae with rubber legs and crystal flash.

Wrap lead weight (optional) on hook shank Thread wrap lead and coat with superglue

Wrap chenille from hook eye to bend

Tie in marabou, palmer to middle of shank, secure with several thread wraps.

Tie in hackle, palmer to eye, secure with several half hitches. Note: You can choose to reverse steps 5&6.

Cut narrow strip of foam (approx. 1/2 inch) enough for head, body and tail.

Using thread tie foam near hook eye and proceed to create segments along hook shank to above hook bend. Whip finish and remove thread.

Add a thin layer of hot melt the entire length of the foam shell. At the head, add hot melt glue to underside of the foam. While glue is tacky, pinch the foam together to form head. Trim foam to shape head.

Cut mono on an angle, push into the foam to create horn. Secure horn in place with hot melt.Trim to length.

Eyes: Attach glass beads (your choice of color) with hot melt glue. Create iris with a contrasting color of hot melt glue.

Fishing Instructions:

I prefer to sight fish the HMG Shrimp to tailing redfish or speckle trout (weakfish). Cast in front of moving fish, strip and pause, strip and pause.

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