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Monster Craw – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar designed this fly with 90% of the body using FrankenDub Monster dubbing. Very cool! -Paul

Gunnar says”A simple easy to tie crawfish pattern I designed. Extremely effective on river smallmouth, but also a great fly for stream trout, carp, and anything that may fancy some craw.”
For fly orders head to my website at


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Bucket Mouth League update – July 2016

How’s the Bucket Mouth League doing out there this summer? Well, see for yourself!

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Streamer Fly Fishing with Tom Rosenbauer & Orvis

Tom Rosenbauer explains in great detail all the fundamentals you need to know about streamer fishing for trout. There is a lot of information in this video. It’s a great video for fly fishers just getting into streamer fishing. This video includes: understanding why trout eat batifish, what streamers to choose and why, flylines choices and much more!

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Surface Seducer fly tying contest

The Double Barrel Duel.

Are you interested in fly tying contests? Here’s a good one featuring the new Double Barrel popper & slider bodies from Flymen Fishing Company. See details below.

Since launching our new Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider bodies, we’ve seen more and more photos of amazing flies tied by people like you on social media.

The flies we’ve seen are just the tip of the iceberg, so we’re holding a fly tying contest on Instagram to help you show off your patterns to the world and give you the chance to win grand prizes from 3-Tand Reels, Postfly – The Original Monthly Flybox, and Rep Your Water, as well as weekly Flymen prize packs!
The contest starts now, July 7, with the preliminary rounds ending on Friday, September 2.

It’s easy to enter – tie a fly and snap a picture.

Tie a fly with a Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider body and take a photo of it.
Post the photo on Instagram, tag @flymenfishingco in your post (make sure you’re following us!), and hashtag #DoubleBarrelDuel2016.

Weekly winners.

The Flymen team will vote to choose 1 weekly winner for 8 weeks. Winners will be announced on the Friday of each week.

Each winner will be sent a Flymen prize pack ($60 retail value!). The criteria for winning can be anything from realism to creativity, so go crazy with your design. We love seeing innovative ideas.
I posted some fly photos before the contest started… Can I enter them in the contest?
Photos from the past can be entered in the contest, so if you’ve already posted some awesome Double Barrel flies, go back and re-post the photo, tag us in them, and add the contest hashtag (#DoubleBarrelDuel2016). One may be a winner! This also means a photo you post on the first week could be a winner on the eighth week.

The final round.

At the end of the 8 weeks, we will re-post the 8 winning flies for a 1-week voting period.

Follow this link to see prizes.

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The Dirty Granny at Beaver Creek

This is kind of a tongue-in-cheek, fun, fly tying video from the Fly Farm Coalition. However, it is a nice little pattern and the materials they are using are top notch. I highly recommend the alpaca. You can see how it makes a nice little streamer body in this video. Also, check out the hackle, it looks awesome!
The Dirty Granny mentioned is the color of the alpaca he is using. You can find out more about that at The Laughing Fly.

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Pink Pookie Hopper – InTheRiffle

The Pink Pookie is a hopper pattern developed by Dean Reiner in Montana. The Pink Pookie imitates a grasshopper and the fish really go crazy for it! The Pink body is very different than many other hopper patterns out there. But don’t be fooled by the bright appearance, this pattern really fishes!! The Pink Pookie is usually tied in sizes #06 and #08, but larger and smaller versions can be tied. The best color is…of course…Pink. But many other anglers tie them in Tan, Yellow and Olive. A great terrestrial pattern to have in your summer Montana Hopper box!!

Pink Pookie Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-08 Tiemco 5212
Thread: Red Veevus 6/0
Underbody: Pink 2MM Thin Foam
Overbody: Tan 2MM Thin Foam
Wing: Natural Deer Hair or Elk Hair
Hot Spot: Orange 2MM Thin Foam
Legs: Yellow Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap

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Upside Down emerger – Robert Strahl

An interesting upside down emerger tied by Robert Strahl.

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a Tight Loop magazine – Summer 2016 edition


Check it out!

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Fly fishing the Ritz: IFTD Demo Day 2016

“It sounds like a toilet flushing!” Anglers got a chance to fish the new Surface Seducer Double Barrel popper & slider body for bass at IFTD Demo Day 2016.
Surface Seducer® Double Barrel™ popper & slider body

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Grayling, Michigan 2016


Headed up to one of my favorite places on Earth last week, Grayling, Michigan. Staying in a cabin on the Holy Waters of the Au Sable River, I was able to fish daily. My oldest son, Brayden, joined me.



During the day I fished dry flies and caught many brookies. You catch smaller fish mostly during the day. The big ones come out at night. But the fishing is still challenging. You have to have a good dead drift presentation and the right fly. I was able to catch several the first couple of days on a Borchers Parachute. That quickly faded and they wouldn’t rise to it any longer. I tried many other dry flies, including an Adams, but the fish wanted nothing to do with it. So I tied on a fly I always have luck with, a Madsen Skunk. I caught trout the rest of the week just using this fly. Even if there were no visible risers, they would come up for this fly.

Paul with trout

Paul with trout


Madsen Skunk tied by Paul Beel

Madsen Skunk tied by Paul Beel

Every night we went out late and tried mousing. This is a hunt for the big ones. Sometimes it pays off, other times it doesn’t. My son got lucky on the 4th night and landed a good sized brown trout. He acted like it was Christmas morning and was talking about that fish the rest of the trip. It was one heck of a trout!

Brayden with big brown

Brayden with big brown

A little side note about fishing at night. We were still seeing some Hex on the windows of the cabin and near the river.



For me, the highlight of the trip was fishing for smallies with Chris Lessway. Chris is the head guide for the North Branch Outing Club in Lovells, Miching, near Grayling on the North Branch of the Au Sable River. We floated in Chris’ Hyde Drift Boat and had a great day. Even though we had warmer, bass style weather earlier in the week, the day we went was much more like trout weather, cool, overcast, and misty. Regardless, as soon as we left the boat ramp I caught the first smallie of the day right off the bat. It was a good sign, but during the day we had periods where they would turn off and then turn back on while we searched for the right color and fly they wanted. But we had action and caught fish all day long. We were successful on a 4 inch streamer, an articulated streamer, and even some poppers got them to rise to the surface. Olive seemed to be the best color of the day.







I spent some time on the sticks so Chris had time to fish too. I was shaky at first, but by the end of the day I felt comfortable behind the oars and it felt good to add this skill to my repoitoire.

If you are looking for a guide up in Northern Michigan, I highly recommend Chris Lessway. He is a highly skilled angler who knows the waters in the area very well, plus he is a super nice guy. He can definitely put you on the fish!

I can’t wait to head up to Michigan again, I’m missing it already!


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