Brad’s Brat Winter Steelhead


I think it’s a good time to post a winter steelhead fly and I think Jay Nicholas does a wonderful job of tying this winter version of Brad’s Brat. I really like how beautiful the fly turns out in this one. Listen to Jay and he will provide the back story for this pattern and his changes to it.

Hook: Alec Jackson’s Spey Fly Hooks #3 heavy wire Gold
Thread: Lagartun 150 D – Black
Rib: Lagartun Oval Gold Tinsel – Small or Medium
Tail: Short Tuft of Red Kip Tail
Rear Body: Orange Hareline STS blend with Fl. Shrimp pink Ice Dub
Fore Body: Red Hareline STS blend with gold Ice Dub
Under Wing: White Eumer Arctic Fox tail or Eumer Zonker strip
Over Wing: Orange Eumer Arctic Fox or Eumer Zonker Strip
Topping: Hot Orange Krystal Flash
Hackle: Hot Orange Saddle hackle soft and webby

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