Element – carrying fly fishing styles


The Element Skateboard company is more than just skateboards. If you read Element’s story you will notice they have a common ground with fly fishermen, it’s about defending wildlife and nature. Their tree logo represents their sole motif that is to safeguard the environment.

Besides skateboards, Element is big into outdoor clothing. Recently Element has begun to make clothing available with fly fishing related imagery. In my opinion, this is very cool because I know Element designs and sells quality stuff! Check out a few of the items below. My favorite is the bear fly fishing in the background. Love it! Hopefully this is only the beginning and they will continue to produce more fly fishing related clothing and accessories. It is terrific to see a cool company like Element include fly fishing in their products.







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2 Responses to Element – carrying fly fishing styles

  1. Ryan Malone

    Where are the shirts available for purchase? I looked on the Element US website and could only find the button down shirt.

    • Paul Beel

      Look under tees. They are there. You have to look carefully since there are so many. I missed them at first too.