Ted’s Brook Trout – Ted Kraimer


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Hook: TMC 300 #2-6
Thread Fly Master + or Uni 6/0 Olive Dun
Body: Golden Olive Tri-lobal or Estaz
Wing: Marabou – Golden Brown
Throat: Calf/Kip Tail – Orange
Collar: Mallard Flank Dyed Wood Duck
Topping: Peacock Herl
Lead: .035” lead wire

Big fish eat small fish. And, this classic-styled streamer pattern does a good job of imitating our native brook trout which are vulnerable to the larger brown trout that often share the same water.

You can fish this brook trout with a shorter sink-tip (10-12′) or even a floating line. If using the latter, proper mending in the retrieve will allow you to dance and suspend the fly in likely fish-holding water and above structure.


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5 Responses to Ted’s Brook Trout – Ted Kraimer

  1. Looks like a very effective fly, we have tons of little brook trout that the rainbows and larger brookies feed on, I’ll have to try this out.

  2. BigTrout

    Looks very much like the Fatal Attraction pattern

  3. Alan Garey

    I don’t see a material listed for the tail, I’m guessing barred mariabu? I definitely will tie a buch up! Thanks