Britton’s Old School Golden Stone Tubefly

Another cool pattern by Shawn Britton. He’s getting ready for those stones! Shawn’s website here:


Hook: Gamakatsu Red Octopus #10 or desired hook
Tube: Large HMH colored Tube cut to 1 ¾”
Thread: Yellow Flat waxed
Tag Wrap: Silver Holographic Tinsel
Tails: Yellow Goose Biots
Overbody: Swiss Straw
Underbody: Yelllow Chenille
Body: Yellow Ostrich Herl
Wingcases: Folded Swiss Straw
Legs: Yellow Goose Biot – tied in after each wing segment…
Thorax: EP Tarntula Brush – Desired color
Cone Head: HMH Large Brass Cone
Note: A few coats of “Thinned” down laquor on the swiss straw will make it super durable… A Simple Characteristic Tubefly Pattern. If you like bouncin’ big stuff on the bottom these are a Must Have in a few color variations for your Fly Box.

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