Britton’s Purple Haze Intruder

Shawn Britton put this baby together. It’s a nice looking pattern and it should definitely produce fish! Check out Shawn’s website here:

Hook: Straight eye Long Shank or Waddington Shank
Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
TrailerIntruder wire: 30lb Fireline
Trailer Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus or desired intruder trailer hook
Trailer Beads: Hot Pink or Hot Orange 4mm or larger Pearl Beads
Tailing/Body Hackle: 4-6 Black Saddle Hackles
Tailing/Body Hackle overflash: Black Holograohic flash
Under Body on Shank: Steelhead Blue Bodi Braid – large
Body: Fuchia Artic Fox Strip
First and Second Collars: Hot Pink then Purple Schapplen
Overwings: Black Holographic Flash/3-4 Fine Grizzly Saddle Hackles
Cheeks/Eyes: Real Fake Jungle Cock
Finish Collar: Purple Schlappen then a few Barbs of Amherst Pheasant


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  1. Enjoy your site and patterns. Good to see patterns from elsewhere.