FrankenFly update – 6-18-2015

I figured I would post a FrankenFly status update since it has been some time since the last one. I am getting ready to be with my family for a vacation so the website will not be updated very much in the next week. But never fear, I will dive right into it as soon as I get back to business.

There are a couple of interviews coming in the near future. I’ve sent the questions to these fly tyers and I’m just waiting to hear back to get those posted. They should be good ones!

I’ve got two new flies I’ve designed that I have been testing and fishing to see if they will be good hunters. I don’t want to say a whole lot about these yet, just in case they don’t make the grade. I will say that one is an articulated streamer and the other is a bottom beater.


I’ve been using Deer Creek’s new UV Flex resin for my new bottom beater and I am very impressed. It has done a great job and there is absolutely no tackiness after drying. I don’t have to put something like Sally’s over the top of it. It works all on its own. I will post a review of Deer Creek UV resin soon. If you are looking for a UV resin that actually works, this is it. No special high powered light or anything, it just flat out works! I’m using a pen light for goodness sake.


The Zudbubblers are going over very well. These are terrific popper style flies! So if you haven’t fished one of these little suckers, then I suggest you try it because they are a blast to fish! I will be making smaller versions of these too, which I think people are really wanting. I’m just waiting for hooks to arrive to move those into production. So stay tuned! Same Zudbubbler time, same Zudbubbler channel!

So far this year it has been the season for my single hook streamer, Grandpa’s Chickenhawk. It has been tearing it up, catching a lot of smallies and bucketmouths. Several different fly fishers have been using it and reporting back their catches, including myself. The charteuse and white version has been outperforming the brown and black this year, but the brown and black has its place, so don’t ever count it out. I just posted a fly tying video this week showing how to tie Grandpa’s Chickenhawk if you are interested.


I hope everyone is having a good fishing season. Get out there as much as you can and fish people!

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