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Wind blowing constantly at 20 mph, gusting to 30…keeps me pinned to my vise again this weekend. Oh well, it forces me to be creative! I have made several attempts at an acceptable mayfly (ephemeroptera) imitation with an extended body. Finally, after trashing several that look more like godzilla, I have one that appears to have somewhat of a close resemblance to a natural mayfly. Keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress. I am open to any and all suggestion for improvement. Surprise! Surprise! The HMG Mayfly extended body, the thorax and the head are all hot melt glue. The tail is wood duck, the wing is cdc and the eyes are fabric paint. It is tied on a size 18 hook. The extended body is Uni wire coated with hot melt glue. When I put the HMG Mayfly in water to check its hook orientation, I expected to see the body submerged and held in the surface by the cdc wing. I was surprised and excited when I noticed the body and tail floating on top of the water. It appears the hot melt glue had become buoyant when heated and applied to the fly. I am certain the addition of the wood duck tail has helped with the buoyancy.  Now, the question, “how buoyant and for how long”. That will be a test for another time.

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