Turck’s Tarantula – Ruben Martin

From Ruben:
Turck´s Tarantula (Guy Turck) – www.rubenmartin.com.ar

Hook: TMC 5263 or similar #4 to 10
Thread: UNI 6/0 , UTC 70, Danville 6/0 and 3/0, 140 for bigger sizes.
Tail: golden pheasant tippet
Body: Hare´s Ear dubbing.
Wing: White Calf Tail, pearl Krystal flash and natural deer body hair.
Legs: brown or black rubber legs.
Head, deer body hair, muddler style.

This is a great fly, as effective as the one born in 1990 to fish the waters of the Jackson Hole, the idea was to improve the famous Madame X and really did.
As I recall in those days it was not very common to see large dry fly attractor as it is possible to see them today and I consider that the Turks Tarantula along with other models were paving the way for this great and effective group of dry flies, so common and used nowadays . In addition to great buoyancy and a very good appearance in the water, the TT is a fly very easy to see when we fish in currents of agitated surfaces where it is often almost impossible to clearly distinguish our fly.


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  1. Yes, indeed, a great fly pattern. “Nuff said”!

  2. DarinPenrod

    Great fly. Artist and song in the background?