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Orange Heron Intruder – Kevin Hospodar

From Kevin, “A variation of the Orange Heron spey fly and the Intruder. Tied on a 45mm waddington shank, this is an unweighted fly to be swung for Steelhead.
This isn’t an Intruder in the true sense of the pattern, but rather a mash-up of the classic Orange Heron fly and the large profile stylings of Intruders.”

Orange Heron Intruder
45mm Partridge Waddington Shank
sz4 Partridge Z4 Intruder hook
Body – Orange Yarn with gold tinsel Tag/rib
Wing – Temple dog
Shoulder – Tented Jungle Cock
Hackle1 – Orange lady amhurst tail fibers
Hackle2 – Dark Purple Heron

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Flies Around the Net – December 2016

Here are the final Flies Around the Net for 2016. It has been a year of good vibes and good times for FrankenFly. I want to thank all of you for coming and visiting the website. I’m glad all of you are finding it interesting enough to come back to the site to get even more into fly fishing! I love this sport and I’m glad all of you do too! Here’s to an even better 2017!

Thank you!


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Ben Paull from OPST – Intruder info

Gig Harbor Fly Shop recently had Ben Paull from OPST in the their shop and did a couple of videos with Ben about Intruders. I wanted to post both for you here because in the interview Ben goes over some important and cool materials for use in your Intruders. In the second video down below, Ben ties an Intruder and shows how it’s done. I’ve really been getting into Intruders lately myself and this is good stuff! Check it out!

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