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Game Warden

This fly was designed by Earl Madsen in the late 1950s in honor of his friend Clarence Roberts. Earl was a famous Michigan river boat builder and legendary fly tyer of the Au Sable River in Grayling, Michigan. He has designed many popular Michigan flies, including the Madsen Skunk.

This particular fly was tied by Jerry Regan, a fabulous Michigan fly tyer himself.

This dry fly can be used for the big Yellow May hatch (Ephemera varia) in July.
NOTE: I’ve had good luck with white flies even when there isn’t a hatch. So give this fly a try at other times too. As Jerry will tell you, there doesn’t have to be a hatch happening for some of these flies to work and work well. -Paul

Fish the fly dead drift, twitched or skated.

***As you will notice in the material list, the butts of the underwing, which is deer hair, are pulled up and used as a post.

Materials list:
Hook: Mustad #94831 Size: 10
Thread: Yellow, 3/0
Body: Yellow Poly Yarn
Rib: Maroon Embroidery Floss, DMC #815
Underwing: Deer Hair, tied down wing style
Post: The butts of the underwing pulled upright, trimmed short.
Overwing: Grizzly Hen Neck, tied down wing, delta style.
Hackle: Brown & Grizzly, mixed, tied parachute.


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Borchers Parachute – Tim Neal

Tim Neal has a series that he has started on YouTube titled, “Tying Michigan’s Best Trout Flies”. Tim shows you how to tie a Borchers Parachute in this fly tying video. There are many that prefer the Borchers over the Adams, including me. So be sure to check this one out!


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Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly – InTheRiffle

From InTheRiffle:
“The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly is a great Salmonfly Dry Fly Pattern for large picky trout in slower water and pools. The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly was developed on the world famous Henry’s Fork River, by Mike Lawson, and continues to be a popular Salmon Fly Dry for wary trout. The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly is best tied large, on a #06 dry fly hook, and is most often fished near the bank.”

Materials List:
Hook: #06 Tiemco 5212
Thread: Orange UTC 140
Tail: Black Coastal Deer Hair
Body: Rusty Orange Hareline Dubbing
Wing: Natural Elk Hair
Head: Black Coastal Deer Hair
Legs: Brown Whiting Rooster Cape

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Dry Sedge – Paul Slaney

tied by Paul Slaney

This is a sedge fly pattern or caddis fly if you prefer. I saw this when Paul posted it the other day and my mouth dropped. This is a beautifully tied fly and I thought it deserved it’s own post. Paul included the recipe as you can see below. I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I did.

Materials list:
Hook – Partridge, size 14, Partridge G3A/LY
Thread – Veevus 590 denier GSP
Body – Laine St Pierre 922
Underwing – 2 cdc tips
Overwing – Bull elk
Hackle – Dun Badger (anything will do)
Antennae – Bronze mallard

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Flies Around the Net – April 2017

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Sulphur Spinner

From Tim Cammisa:
“We welcome Don Ward back to the channel! In this video, Don Ward of the Keystone Fly Rod Company ties a unique version of his Sulphur Spinner. This version of the spinner is a great one to use at dusk…and don’t forget your UV light when on the water.”

Materials list:
Hook: Daiichi 1110; #14
Thread: UNI 8/0; Tan
Tail: Microfibetts; Lt. Blue Dun
Body: Turkey Biots; Sulphur Yellow
Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit; natural
Wing Case: UV Flashabou; #6955
Thorax: Sulphur dubbing

Be sure to visit the following sites mentioned in the video:

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Bloom’s Parachute Caddis

Missouri River guide and tier Dave Bloom ties up his own caddis variation.

Hook: Tiemco 921 size 12
Body: Golden Pheasant
Wing: Elk Hair
Post: SAAP Float-Vis or Hi-Vis (antron fibers)
Thorax: Hare’s Ear dubbing
Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger or Cree

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Flies Around the Net – March 2017

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CDC Hatchmaster – Davie McPhail

Davie ties a CDC Hatchmaster dry fly.
You might be wondering, if this is the CDC Hatchmaster, how do you tie the original Hatchmaster. Well, I dug way back into Davie’s videos and found the original he tied 6 years ago. That video is below. Pretty cool dry fly.

Davie ties a Hatchmaster dry fly.

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Moose May Fly

Umberto Oreglini ties a beautiful dry fly called the Moose May Fly in this fly tying video. Enjoy!

Materials list:

HOOK: Mustad 9671 #12
TAIL: Peccary
BODY: Two White and One Black Moose Mane Fibers
WING: Calf Tail
HACKLE: Brown and Grizzly mixed

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