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Flies Around the Net – November 2016


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Critter Get’er Tutorial – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar gives step by step instructions on how to tie his Critter Get’er Flashabou fly. Gunnar says the design is heavily inspired by Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Holm, and is an extremely fishy and durable fly.

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Hairwing Brora Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail

Materials Used:

Hook Alex Jackson Spey size 1.5
Threads, Uni8/0 Pink and Black
Tag, Uni-Tinsel X-Small Oval Silver Tinsel & Uni-Floss Hot Pink
Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Body, First Half Lagartun X-Strong Medium Oval Silver Tinsel
Second Half Med-Flat Silver Tinsel and Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Veiling, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Wing, Brown, White and Blue Bucktail
Hackle, Blue Eared Pheasant dyed Black
Eyes, Jungle Cock

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Ladies’ Winter Steelhead Fishing Retreat & Workshop


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Grey Wulff Plus – G. Zingaro

Material list:

Hook: Gamakatsu F11-3F #10
Thread: 8/0 Rusty Dun
Wings: Deer Hair
Spot: Red Floss
Body: Opossum Natural Dubbing
Hackles: 2 Grizzly-Brown
Wings: White Calf tail


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Fly Punk magazine


This is the first issue of a brand new online fly fishing magazine called Fly Punk!
Check it out!

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Everything you need to know about OPST Commando Skagit – Oliver Sutro

Equipment used: Temple Fork Outfitters, BVK spey 8wt 13’ 4”, Deer Creek Switch 9wt 11’, Mangrove 10wt 9’
BVK IV large arbor reel, Atoll IV reel, TFO large arbor 4.25 reel
Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics, Commando Skagit Heads, 475-375 grain Bucket sink tips, Lazar running line 40lbs and 50lbs

I asked Oliver to give me a little more information about himself and the OPST lines. See below. -Paul

Can’t really remember how old I was when I picked up my first single handed rod, doesn’t matter. I started fishing the way I like to fish when I picked up a double handed rod. That was when I was 14, in Scotland, on the River Spey. I think Salmon are my species of choice, but that could easily change, I’m young.

This season was the first time I didn’t pick up my favorite 15′ 10wt to fish for kings. OPST sent me an assortment of their lines, and I’m sold. My new favorite rod? 11′ 9wt. I’ll fish it from a boat, from the bank, from the trees, inside a bush, in a chair, etc. You can’t take an OPST commando head and compare it grain for grain, foot by foot, to your next favorite skagit line. It is completely different. It is light and effortless, almost delicate in comparison to traditional skagit, but don’t let the grain weights fool you, these lines produce an insane amount of power, with an extremely tight and gentle casting stroke.

I remember the day I first picked up a 15′ rod like it was yesterday. I will remember the day when I switch back to a single handed rod…casting OPST commando heads. Enough fumbling and bumbling about in the bushes, catching trees, and using 6x, I’m moving on to trout! Stay tuned.

and check out my other shorts from the trip, and subscribe to my channel for future fishing vids:


Oliver Sutro

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Two nymphs from David Hise

David Hise owns Casters Fly Shop in Hickory, North Carolina. David is also an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide. Here are a couple of nymphs he ties that just plain rock the house!


Hise Stoneclinger Nympf

Hook- Dohiku jig sz.14
Bead- Flymen Evolution bead- clinger sz. small.
Tails- Hareline barred mayfly tails.
Abdomen- Polish quills ginger, coated with Deer Creek Flex Resin. Gills- Ostrich plumes.
Thorax- 16/0 Veevus thread thorax, coated with Deer Creek Flex Resin after the legs are secured in place.
Legs- Golden pheasant tail barbs plucked from the stem

Tied on a jig hook so it “crawls” along the rocks without getting snagged up.
Deer Creek Flex Resin adds durability and a juicy appearance.


Waxy the Waxworm

Hook- TMC2499BL.
Underlegs- Japanese nymph legs (3 sets) secured in place before winding the Nymph skin.
Body- Nymph skin.
Ribbing- Mono thread .006.

Mark to your liking with waterproof markers. Coat the body with a thin layer of Deer Creek UV Flex Resin. The next step isn’t necessary but I do it because it gives the larva more plumpness and juicyness. Place a small ball of resin on the leg stumps and on top 3rd of each segment of the body.
The evolution of Waxy took place over the years as a result of my desire to create a fly that resembled a waxworm. Sure it’s not an aquatic insect but I grew tired of seeing the centerpin steelheader catching all the fish in the winter on jigs tipped with real waxworms.




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AndyPandy Grim Reaper

Andy says this is a great winter fly, so check out his Grim Reaper.


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Krystal Nymph

Video and fly tied by Simon of Hackles and Wings on YouTube.

Thread: GSP 50D White
Hook: Hanák H360 BL
Body: Hol. Gold Med Tinsel, Body Quills Light Brown Olive
Rib: Small Brown Ultra Wire
Thorax: Custom Dub Mix Olive Brown
Legs: Krystal Flash Pearl
Thorax Cover: Swiss Straw Brown, Med Pearl Tinsel
Deer Creek UV Resin Flex

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