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Tie Like a Pro – Episode 2 and 3 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has already released episodes 2 and 3 of Tie Like a Pro. So I figured I would go ahead and get them posted to follow-up the last post. See the information below from Gunnar.

“This is just a scratch on the surface on articulating flies and is intended to get you started on building your own platforms with proper spacing, hook selection, and proportionality. Episode 2 of Tie Like a Pro is all about the “how to” of articulating streamers. In this episode we go over hooks, spacing and beads, wire placement and types of wire, creating a vertical wire loop, and proportionality based on your reference point- the hook shank. We also discuss how and why articulated flies came to be and what problem they solved in predator fly fishing.”

“For the longest time I struggled with getting hackles to lay correctly, either for the tail or fins – my feathers would often twist away from the orientation I intended, or my feathers would twist when I’d go to palmer them – reversing the concavity….Episode 3 of Tie Like a Pro is all about working with hackles! In this episode we are going to look at differences in Saddle Hackle vs. Schlappen, tying in hackles vertically and horizontally to achieve desired affects, figure 8-ing hackle and the importance of controlling concavity for fly durability, as well as some minor differences in palmering materials from their base to tip/tip to base and its affect on fly silhouette and bulk.”


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Tie Like a Pro – Episode 1 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has started a new fly tying video series called “Tie Like a Pro” where he asked for questions from subscribers and is now answering those questions. This is the first episode.

From Gunnar:
“This is episode 1 of Tie Like a Pro! To start off this series we are taking a quick look into the basics of tying and thread control. Topics include proper hook placement, casting on, thread base, thread tension, spinning threads, pinch/set/and lock wraps, and different threads used for streamer tying.” About me – head to the blog section of my Website:

The fly tying vise Gunnar is using in the video is an HMH Standard.

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Thinking about tying your own flies?

Sara Golden has recently written a comprehensive article on the subject. I’ll let Sara take it away and then link over to the WadingLab to read her article. I think Sara did a great job of covering a lot of information for beginners in this article, so give it a read.

“If you enjoy fly fishing, there are more than enough reasons to start tying your own flies. It’s an awesome hobby and can bring your fishing game to the next level. While beginners in this sport might want to start with flies out of the store, there are many reasons why a lot of fly fisherman start to tie their own flies eventually. While basic flies might be fairly easy to tie, the tools you need to get started can be quite confusing for the novice. There are too many people falling for the average cheap pre-packed kit, that seems like a great deal at first, but usually turns out to be a waste of money. Therefore I wrote a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to get started, no matter if you go for a kit or choose to pick every tool separately. Combine this guide with all the great information on tying itself found on FrankenFly and you are up for a great start into a new and amazing hobby!”


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What is a Waddington Shank – Kevin Hospodar

From Kevin:
“What is a Waddington Shank? I get that question a lot, and in this video you can have a closer look at Partridge Waddington Shanks.”

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Fly Tying 101 – Loon Outdoors Episode 1 & 2

In case you didn’t get a chance to catch it, here is episode 1 and 2 of Loon Outdoors Fly Tying 101. This is a live event that is produced by Loon Outdoors and it covers fly patterns for beginners. This has ran through the entire month of January. Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors shows you how to tie several fly patterns that are just right for beginners.


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Loon Outdoors to host Fly Tying 101


Loon Live, hosted by Loon Outdoors, is a free, live streaming fly tying demonstration enjoyed by fly tyers from around the world. While the patterns cover a breadth of styles, materials, and species of fish in which they’d target, each episode trends toward the intermediate or advanced tyer. For the month of January 2017, Loon will be replacing Loon Live with a brand new series geared specifically for the beginning tyer called Fly Tying 101.

Episodes will air every Thursday night at 6 pm (PST) through January at and will cover 5 patterns that demonstrate techniques that are foundational to tying. Once episodes conclude, they’ll be available to re-watch on the Fly Tying 101 webpage.

Loon Live is structured so that viewers can comment and ask questions during the live stream. The attendance for these events commonly consists of tyers from 20+ countries and Fly Tying 101 was developed in response to viewer requests for patterns and tutorials that are geared to the less advanced tyer.

Each Fly Tying 101 episode will feature an assortment of Loon Outdoors products and feature patterns and materials from Hareline Dubbin’s Fly Tying Material’s Kit (for a list of available retailers to purchase this kit, visit Material lists are also available to download on the Loon Fly Tying 101 web page ( Participants are encouraged to acquire the materials ahead of time so that they can follow along, but there is no purchase or sign up necessary.


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