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The Brook Fishing Equipment Brook Box is an amazing fly box! I’m not just saying that, it has some outstanding features that made me very happy when inspecting and testing the box for myself.

First, I’ll give you a brief backstory. I had never heard of Brook Fishing Equipment before the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo where I tied back in March. Jarrett from Brook Fishing Equipment came to my table and was telling me that he really enjoyed FrankenFly and that he had a booth there himself. I asked him about his booth and he brought back his Brook Box fly box and was telling me about the silicone inserts.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to thoroughly check out The Brook Box. The silicone inserts work exceptionally well! They are kind of a rubbery type of material, to help explain what they feel like. The reason they work so well is because you can put a hook into them, take the hook out and you can’t even see where the hook was in the insert. It heals itself right away. For testing purposes, I placed a 4/0 hook into the insert, pulled it out and had the same result. I even put magnifying glasses on to try and see a hole and I could not find one. Brook Fishing Equipment offers the inserts in slit and non-slit form, in case you are interested in having slits. In my opinion, slits are not necessary when you have inserts like this.

Another impressive feature about The Brook Box is the depth of the box. If you are a dry fly fisher I’m sure you know how hard it is to find a fly box that doesn’t mash your flies down when you put them in a fly box. I placed dry flies in The Brook Box and they were not even close to being in danger of being smashed. Plus, the way the slit inserts are made, your hackle will hang over the trough of the inserts so your hackle isn’t mashed on the bottom. I love this!

Not only can it handle dry flies, it has the room to store poppers. I placed a large 1/0 deer hair popper in the box and closed the lid. It did not move the popper or smash it.

Besides having plenty of room I noticed the box was very well made and sturdy. It also floats. The dimensions of the Brook Box are: 6.625″ x 4.125″ x 1.75″

Another product available from Brook Fishing Equipment is their Outta The Box fly patch. This is a fairly large fly patch with dimensions measuring: 7.875″ x 6″. It is designed to be placed in your boat, kayak, vehicle, next to your fly tying vise or where ever you need to place your flies. It has Velcro mounting, so it is easily mounted and can be mobile.

Outta The Box

I have posted below their current brochure which includes more details about Brook Fishing Equipment products. Be sure to visit their website at If you are in the market for a new fly box, I highly recommend The Brook Box!



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  1. Thanks for the review, Paul. I, like you, have not heard of this company before. However, they are on my radar now!