New product: Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing Company

Fish‐Skull® Faux Bucktail™ is a tapered synthetic fiber designed to imitate typical premium‐length natural bucktail (or other animal fur fibers that have similar properties).

Natural taper: Faux Bucktail™ fibers are designed with the same basic diameter, gentle “crinkle”, and natural taper as bucktail, allowing you to tie most of the standard techniques and achieve the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. In appearance, it looks almost identical.

Consistent length: Unlike natural bucktail, every Faux Bucktail™ fiber is of premium length (6‐inches / 152mm), eliminating the need to sort and search for ideal length strands and having to discard short hairs and under fibers that are unusable.

Ease of Use: Each Faux Bucktail™ bundle of fibers is glued together at the base making it easy and convenient to work with. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to desired length, and tie them in. All the fibers are already “pre‐stacked”, but like natural bucktail a clump of fibers can be easily pulled and teased out to create a nice tapered tail, wing or body on your fly or lure.

Permanent color: Faux Bucktail™ is available in 12 vibrant colors will not bleed onto your hands while tying or fade from constant fishing. More colors will follow as the product gains momentum in the market.

Tough & durable: Designed to hold up to the toothy rigors of big‐game fishing (“bite‐proof”), Faux Bucktail™ fibers bond with super glue or other adhesives better than natural fibers, which secures eyes and other materials firmly in place and increases the lifespan of your flies or lures.

Versatile: The full length can be easily trimmed to suit the specific fly or lure you are tying. Anything from large Pike or Musky flies/lures to smaller Clouser Minnows or Deceivers or Bucktail Jigs or bite‐proof tails on Foam poppers!

Sheds water: Keep your flies light and easy to cast all day. No more waterlogged flies or lures.

No Smell: Unlike natural bucktail, Faux Bucktail™ will make both your wife and fish much, much happier!

Premium Retail Packaging: Each bundle of Faux Bucktail™ Fibers is packaged in the highest quality, barcoded; colorcoded retail packaging designed to look fantastic hanging in your store. The packaging splays the fibers in such a way that customers can closely examine the product and provide all the information necessary to make a purchasing decision. In addition, the light‐weight, low‐profile retail packs allow for easy, lower cost shipping.

Export Ease: Being a synthetic product, this eliminates the usual government requirements and restrictions for importing/exporting animal fur and feather products.

Performance Advantage: Faux Bucktail™ has a distinct performance advantage over other synthetic fibers on the market because it is tapered enabling your finished fly or lure to move more naturally in the water like real animal fur. To explain, normal synthetic fibers are not tapered which means the diameter of each fiber is exactly the same thickness from one end to the other. This creates a “consistent stiffness” along the full length of the fiber which does not allow the energy generated from the front of the fly or lure (as it moves through the water) to accelerate along the full length of the fiber to the back in the same way that a tapered fiber does. To illustrate this concept, think of how much easier it is to crack a whip than it is to crack a length of rope! In summary, a tapered fiber will give your fly or lure better action.


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12 Responses to New product: Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing Company

  1. From the first picture they looked like dyed paint brushes. I have used brushes, but I see after reading that they were actually a product.

    • Paul Beel

      Haha, yes, it’s hard to see that from the photos. The consistency is a lot different from paint brushes though. It’s a neat product and I’ve been playing with it myself.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • The last picture looks like giant “Mayfly Tails”… It’s amazing how many different types of fly tying material there is and then there’s new materials coming out. I wonder how it compares in stiffness and movement in water to “real” bucktail.

  2. Matt Gedge

    I’d like to try some … but their web site doesn’t yet show it for sale.

  3. jim

    where is this available?

  4. Sure good looking stuff here. and, useful as all get out! I would be willing to give this material a go………….

  5. Chris Turner

    What…?no wonderful scent of natural bucktail?

  6. Alex

    Interesting. I wonder when tied down tight if it flares and spins.What will they think of next.