Realistic Stonefly Nymph

I think one of the coolest looking bugs is a stonefly nymph. So there is little wonder why many realistic fly tyers like to tie their own version of these wonderful insects. Pictured below are several versions from various tyers and there is a link to Johan Put’s step-by-step on how to tie one of these bad boys.


photo by Hans Weilenmann

Tied and originated by Paul Whillock

Hook:     Size 4 Tiemco Longshank
Thread:     UTC 70 White
Tails:     65 lb Clear Monofilament
Underbody:     Yellow Chenille
Abdomen:     Natural Tan Raffene
Wingbuds:     Varnished Raffene
Legs:     Japanese Nymph Legs
Outer thorax:     Natural Tan Raffene
Antennae:     35 lb Clear Monofilament
Gills:     Gray Poly Yarn
Jaws:     Japanese Nymph Legs
Leg Hair:     Gray Ostrich Herl
Claws:     Varnished Black 8/0 Uni
Eyes:     Burned Mono + Varnish
Front legs:     Japanese Nymph Legs
Colouring:     Edding and Kurecolor Pens
Pronotum:     Synthetic Raffene
Head capsule:     Synthetic Raffene
Varnish:     Matt and Gloss

Photograph by Hans Weilenmann

low PB020233

Tied by Dronlee


photo by Hans Weilenmann


photo by Hans Weilenmann

Tied and originated by Dale Beamish

Hook:   Mustad 79580 #6-10
Thread: UTC 70 Cream coloured with permanent marke
Setae:   Stripped Hackle Quills
Abdomen: Latex strip wrapped, coloured and then treated with soft body
Thorax: Latex strip wrapped in sections between the Ostrich herl
Wing cases: Prepared Tyvek paper
Head / Thorax Cover: Prepared Tyvek paper
Gills: Ostrich Herl
Head: Prepared Tyvek paper
Legs: Japanese Nymph Leg and Porcupine Quill
Eyes: Melted Mono and Soft Body
Antennae: Horse hair
Colouring: Permanent markers

Photograph by Hans Weilenmann


Tied by Johan Put

Click here to go to Johan’s site to see the step-by-step on how to tie this stonefly nymph.


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3 Responses to Realistic Stonefly Nymph

  1. Those are some beautiful flies. I can only guess how long it takes an amateur to tie one of these and I suspect they wouldn’t look anywhere near the same.

  2. Jamie Cannell

    You can use the bristles from a soft nylon sweeping brush much cheaper and available just about anywhere