Thinking about tying your own flies?

Sara Golden has recently written a comprehensive article on the subject. I’ll let Sara take it away and then link over to the WadingLab to read her article. I think Sara did a great job of covering a lot of information for beginners in this article, so give it a read.

“If you enjoy fly fishing, there are more than enough reasons to start tying your own flies. It’s an awesome hobby and can bring your fishing game to the next level. While beginners in this sport might want to start with flies out of the store, there are many reasons why a lot of fly fisherman start to tie their own flies eventually. While basic flies might be fairly easy to tie, the tools you need to get started can be quite confusing for the novice. There are too many people falling for the average cheap pre-packed kit, that seems like a great deal at first, but usually turns out to be a waste of money. Therefore I wrote a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to get started, no matter if you go for a kit or choose to pick every tool separately. Combine this guide with all the great information on tying itself found on FrankenFly and you are up for a great start into a new and amazing hobby!”


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Paul. I will re-post this and make sure you and Sara are so noted……………………