Tie TV – Rippled Fire Dragon – Niklaus Bauer

In this episode of Tie TV, Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing shows us how to tie a really cool articulated pike fly with a Dragon Tail.

The fly has a high and narrow profile which makes it cut the water really well and you can even get a side-to-side action if you twitch it – deadly for big pike…

Material list:


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5 Responses to Tie TV – Rippled Fire Dragon – Niklaus Bauer

  1. Doug Stout

    HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! Tail action is insane.

  2. Rybarko

    If you’re into this video and pike fishing, check out Fly vs. Jerk on YouTube. Niklaus Bauer, this tyer, is one of the contestants representing one of two fly fishing teams. The other two teams use jerk baits and spinning rods. Right now is the end of one of the seasons with episode 6 released on Friday. Plenty of time to catch up!

    The competition is held in Sweden and Finland, where the pike fishing is apparently tremendous. They catch huge numbers and some giant fish too. I’ve been into the show for several seasons and seriously look forward to each episode. Still haven’t caught a pike of my own yet, though! I need to commit to it and seek them out…and probably tie some of these flies!

  3. Ben

    I really like the big streamer and popping bugs featured in the laying tutorials. My problem is I can’t find a fly box that keeps the “big flies” safe and not crushed or overcrowded.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I hate to go to wooden cigar boxes with rubber band clasps and styrofoam blocks to be hook protectors.

    • Paul Beel

      You could make your own. I used a kid’s plastic crayon box I got at Walmart for some time. It didn’t have foam in it or anything. But you could glue some craft foam in it if you wanted to. It would be cheap.

      Look around on the internet for DIY fly boxes.

      I hope this helps.