This Thing? – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“I give a step by step instruction for tying This Thing. This pattern is designed to resemble an injured baitfish laying on its side in the water column, yet function as a diver/swim fly on the retrieve. Can be fished successfully on either floating or sinking style lines, recommend 6wt and up.”

Material List:
Hook: Ahrex 2/0 26* Bent Streamer Hook
Tail: FlymenFishingCo Faux Bucktail, Polar Flash (20 strands)
Body: EP Craft Fur Brush/EP Sparkle Brush
Material Dam: FlymenFishingCo Double Barrel Popper (small)
Collar: Hedron Inc. MicroLon
Head: Senyos Laser Dub
Eyes: 6mm Deer Creek Gator Eyez
Resin: Deer Creek UV Diamond Flex

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  1. Doug Stout

    Where I come from, that fly in a bluegill color scheme would be killer on the bucket mouths. KILLER I TELL YA!!!! Yea baby!!!!